Thursday, July 31, 2014

What's in Your Cart? Linky Party

It is time for TPT back to school sale. The Speech Room News has created a linky party to show what everyone has in their carts for the big sale. 

Remember TPT gives 10% off using the promo code BTS14 and most shops an additional 20% off.  Combined this equals out to 28%.   Provide feedback for those items to earn credits to more items later.  Almost like having a bonus coupon for your next shopping trip! 

What is in my cart right now.  

First off is 

Nonfiction Reading Unit for Common Core Standards  by Ashleigh.  

I have purchased a few of her products over the years and have never been disappointed.  She takes her time and delivers a wonderful product. One of the products I purchased last year is The Common Core Math Assessment for 3rd Grade.   

Next in my cart is the Power Reading Workshop by Laura Candler.  This is an e-book to provide a guide to reading workshop.  I'm making that full jump this year.  This will help me along that journey.  
I purchased the Classroom Goal Setting around December last year.  It was great to get the students learning where they are.  I think this product will go with the other product to help students set their own reading goals.  

An item from my store that I think is really useful is my Interactive 3rd Grade Math Dictionary.  The students have their own vocabulary dictionary to look back and review throughout the year.  For each vocabulary term there are examples for the students to complete.  Majority of the items have the students work in cooperative groups for great math discussions.  

My cart is a little empty right now, but by Monday I am sure I will have found many more things that will help me through this school year.  

Happy Shopping! 


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  1. Hi Kellie! I'm so glad you joined the linky!