Sunday, September 14, 2014

Desk Organization

Back to school has been quite busy.   I always forget how much time the start of the year takes.  New students learning new routines.  Now that those classroom routines have been established and things are running smoothly it is time to make sure that everything continues that way.  

One thing I started a few years ago was The Desk Detective Team.   Every few weeks or when I see that many desks are starting to get a little messy The Desk Detective Team makes a surprise visit after school.   Students will receive a Desk Detective Card on their desk and a little treat if their desk is neat and tidy.  I usually put a sticker, piece of candy,  or a reward card on their desk.    This gives an incentive for others to get their desks looking nice for the next surprise visit.  

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I know many like the Desk Fairy idea, but 3rd grade boys just didn't get as excited about seeing the Desk Fairy idea.   Boys and girls both enjoy having the The Desk Detective Team visit.